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This page is an attempt to put together a resource of surviving SP&S equipment. I have information on quite a few survivors but it will take a bit to get them all listed here. Known survivors include, passenger and freight cars, MoW equipment, locomotives, cabooses and Oregon Electric interurban cars. The main purpose here is to show where all the remaining pieces of equipment are, in case anyone should care to see them. Plans are to collect photos of each piece. Information presented here is what I have been able to piece together. I have been known to make errors and typos so please any additions or corrections are appreciated.

Passenger Cars

42 to Chelatchie Prairie Railroad as142, Nov 2002. 46 Donated, Bend OR now Derelict, McCloud Ca 50 Sold 1973 Gulf Coast Chpt NRHS 52 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 55 PNWC-NRHS 57 (2nd) Donated, Bend OR now Derelict, McCloud CA 59 (2nd) Donated, Eugene Or 60 BN 976093 to Chelatchie Prairie Railroad 62 BN 976094 to Chelatchie Prairie Railroad 65 (2nd) Minnesota Fair Museum 66 (2nd) Lake Superior Railroad Museum (4) 76 PNWC-NRHS, Museum Car 90 Donated, Eugene OR 91 Corvallis,OR (1) 99 (2nd) Moses Lake, WA 111 Des Moines Iowa 172 Chelatchie Prairie Railroad 210 Kahlotus, private 213 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 218 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 272 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 273 Astoria Railroad Preservation Association 275 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 276 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 306 ANSCO Owned "California" 309 Amtrak 3926, sold 1977 to Lake Shore Chpt NRHS 350 B&O Railway Museum 405 Alexandria, Minn 556 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 559 ARR 523 570 PV "Northern Lights" For Sale $150,000 600 PNWC-NHRS "Mount Hood" (1) 601 Private Owned, Spokane, "Mt St Helens" 701 Northwest Railway Museum - Snoqualmie 702 Wyoming Historical Society 1332 VIA 520 Stored ??? Coach, Garabaldi, OR unconfirmed if SP&S


This list has been compiled by Roger Kirkpatrick, my thanks to him.

Corvallis OR SP&S 450 Buchanan Street, FOR SALE? (1) South Junction OR SP&S Fishing Cabin Toledo WA SP&S from Tacoma, WA? Stevenson WA SP&S 701 Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center (1) Portland OR SP&S 725 Antique Shop, 13th Ave. (1) Coulee City WA SP&S 732 ex-A&CR 52/BN 11006, Expresso Shop, US 2, Elsie OR SP&S 790 Camp 18 Restaurant Restrooms, west of town (1) Bothell WA SP&S 793 Country Village Shopping Center, Bothell WA (1) Moulton Falls WA SP&S 795 private, LOCATION? (2) Wickersham WA SP&S 870 ex-BN 11330, Lake Whatcom Railway (2) Mobile AL SP&S 882 as BN 11434, Greater Gulf Fairgrounds St. Louis MO SP&S 884 ex-BN 11436, Museum of Transportation Peoria IL SP&S 885 as BN 11437, Allied Railcar, south of stockyards Milan MO SP&S 891 as BN 11443, Depot, 3rd Street

Freight Equipment and MoW cars

There are a handfull of frieght cars still in service, a few tank cars still in SP&S paint scheme. There are also a few cars still in service as MoW cars.

? Flatcar used as foot bridge, Snoqualmie, WA. In SP&S scheme ? Flatcar used as foot bridge, Snoqualmie, WA. In SP&S scheme ? BN 600086 in service at scrap yard in Portland, OR ? 950867 Material Boxcar, Pasco Wa. 13000 series, Pasco WA. 13318 951703 toolcar with ribbon rail set.* 13481 951723 Boxcar* 34124? 600124 Flatcar AH Barge 3, West Seattle* 34189 600179 Flatcar AH Barge 1, West Seattle* X-238(2) as BN 951251, Boxcar, Pasco, WA X-56 964753 side dump ballast car* 318XXX Series - Many are still in service. Some renumbered to BNSF 713XXX series. SP&S X-5 Snoqualmie, WA SP&S X-116 Snoqualmie, WA * last known to still be in service.


OE 21 - On display at Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton Canada. OE 22 - West Coast Railway Museum in storage at Squamish, BC SP&S 866 - Portland, OR undergoing restoration. (3) SP&S 700 - Portland, OR SP&S 539 - Battle Ground, WA

Misc Equipment

Various items that don't fit the other catagories.

Bailey Gatzert - Name board, Whistle. Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
SP&S velocipede. Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

I would appreciate any corrections and additions. If you have a photo of a surivor and would like to share it, please let me know.

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