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HO Scale

The North Bank Line
SP&S Alco RS3s 83 and 84 (ex-GN) SP&S MoW three car set X107 X-89 X-98
SP&S Heavy Weight Passenger cars: Business car 99 272, 273, 274 275, 276, 278, 279, 280 558, 559 more

P.O. Box 1101, Turner, Oregon 97392
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HO Scale

Overland Models E7A in broad strip

ex-MKT cars in Broad Stripe

HO Scale

Scale Vendor Building Kits Item Number Price
HO SBQ Models Snake River Depot #200 $34.95
HO SBQ Models Wishram O.T. Standard 30' x 150' Depot #210 $99.95
HO SBQ Models Wishram Lunch Room #220 $64.95
HO SBQ Models Fire Hose Cart Shed #230 $14.95
HO SBQ Models Fire Hose Cart Shed (x3) #250 $39.95

Available thru Whistle Stop of Oregon
and The Hobby Smith
or if you happen to be in San Deigo ...

G Scale

Finally found one source of G scale cars. NWS Specialties Train Shop in Camas, WA offers custom painted SP&S Cabooses.
222 NE 4th Ave
Camas, WA 98607
(360) 834-3183 Phone/FAX

HO Scale

Currently available exclusively from Whistle Stop Trains of Portland are the USRA double sheathed boxcar, by Accurail. The earlier version in the as delivered scheme is no longer available.
USRA SP&S 10105
Also available is the 50' Gunderson-built boxcar in BN green with yellow lettering, from LBF. I have seen a few of these offered on ebay.

The 318xxx panel door cars should be into The Whistle Stop by the end of April. The next car, coming in about 4 weeks, is the 13040-55 and 13176. These cars were built by the GN St Cloud shops in July 1949.

MOW tankcar X-85, by InterMountain, is also available from Whistle Stop Trains of Portland.

Tank car SP&S X-85

HO/N Scale

Union Station Products produces undecorated plastic passenger car sides which are applied to Eastern Car Works, Brass Car Side's core or American Limited Models core kits to produce accurate models of specific cars. The construction concept is the same idea as has been offered from Brass Car Sides. These sides are available in HO and N scales and are produced directly from Pullman-Standard, Budd and other car builders original plans. Note: the numbers are the Pullman-Standard plan number. These cars can be ordered via Mark's site. N scalers will want to read the ordering instructions carefully.

  • #4163.... SP&S 600 and 601.That's right folks, the Mt. Hood and the Mt. St. Helens are now available as plastic kits.
  • #7510.... SP&S 301-305. Smooth side coaches.
  • #7598.... SP&S 75. The smooth side baggage/dormitory.
  • #7599.... SP&S 405. The diner/parlor... 405 rebuilt to diner only configuration and named Columbia.
  • #7540.... SP&S 406 (2nd). The fluted side diner named Willamette.
  • #7536.... SP&S 32. Fluted side mail/baggage named Geo B. Armstrong. Included a 30' RPO section.
  • #7537.... SP&S 307-308. Fluted side coaches.

SP&S Advertising signs. Available only through the SP&S Company store. These signs are based on original signs that could be found in the Portland area.
The "Our Wheels are just as big" is available only in HO Scale. This sign is based on the Atlas billboard.
The "Ship and Travel" sign is available in both HO and N scale. It comes as a one sided sign. In order to produce the double sided sign, as original, it will take two kits. The smaller sign can be used for a distant HO sign. And the larger sign will work for O scale as well. This sign was custom made by Blair, exclusively for the SP&SHS.
See the Company Store for ordering information.

N Scale

NEW Hobby Smith has commissioned Atlas to do the ALCo RS-1 as SP&S 53, should be ready for Jan 2003. The RS-3s were a big hit. These will probably go just as fast, so get yours soon. Click on the photo for more information.

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